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If you are looking for a dietician who will combine excellent scientific knowledge with genuine care, this is the place to go! Mercy is so patient and empathetic and she will help you empower you to achieve your health goals … she is an incredible coach who will push you to be your best but never makes you feel judged. She has an awesome command of nutrition and is determined to help you find innovative solutions for your problems! 10/10 recommend.

Ms. Gloria, Asemota

Mrs. M. Aremu is a wonderful nutritionist who practices what she preaches. From showing how to prepare meals that are both tasty and nutritious to advising on which vitamins benefit the body best! She helped me to lose weight and feel healthy. Thank you so much YourFide Dietitian-Services!

Dr. Caroyln lankford

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards my dietitian and all of the progress she has helped me achieve in the last six months. Regardless of the reason you are seeking help around nutrition, mercy has an extensive professional background and a toolkit to help you overcome anything.

Dr. Bailey Ciano

After battling an eating disorder for 20 years, finding a nutritionist who could guide and support me through recovery seemed a daunting task. I I have worked with Mercy for nearly eight months to resolve disordered eating and thoughts. Mercy is genuine, compassionate and knowledgeable. I can honestly say that I could not have made the progress I’ve made without her endless support and assistance. Her services and encouragements helped me stay on a positive path to a healthy and happy relationship with my body and food .

Mr. Johe Amstrong

My experience with my dietitian was amazing! have struggled with my weight my entire life, mostly because I didn’t have the necessary tools, habits, or knowledge, to support my goals. What I love about working with her is that she is compassionate, non-judgmental, supportive, and highly knowledgeable and patient. She has given me the tools to establish positive eating. Every time I meet with her, I learn something new. She encourages me to continue doing well and do better. If you are looking for someone realistic, passionate about nutrition and will keep you grounded and motivated- she’s the one!

Ms.Fabiana Lobez

I lost 30lbs weight, lowered my blood pressure, cholesterol, and improve heart disease labs with their help. I was afraid that I would gain everything that I lost, but it’s been 6 months and everything that I have lost has not come back. Thank you! for all the help and reminding me that it’s important to eat right.

Ms. Kanisha Adams

Before working with this team of dietitians, my autistic son would have huge meltdowns, tantrums and sensory hand mess. He also had a huge allergy and food intolerances. When we were able to remove things out of his diet that were causing inflammation and give him targeted recommended supplements to help his body get rid of toxins, we saw huge changes in his behavior . He rarely has meltdown anymore. He is able to make sounds he wasn’t able to before. His GI discomfort are virtually gone. He is exceeding his speech, OT and ABA goals. We can tell he is more comfortable thanks to the help of this dietitian team

T.Stacy (Autism mom)

Two years ago I was nearly 65 year old man with stage 4 kidney disease. At a ‘health seminar the speaker gave the name of several private practice dietitians. I contacted this dietitian and made an appointment. Today not only has my blood work stabilized, but my physical and mental well being have improved. I was put on a Renal diet and my dietitian worked with both my Nephrologist and General Practitioner. In one year I’ve lost 79 pounds. My doctors removed and reduce my medications. Will definitely recommend your services!

Mr.Tyrone Saffron

I’ve had vomiting, diarrhea, pain, gas, Gout flare, distention and weight loss from small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)/Yeast for about 6 years.. I’d seen GI doctors and other MDs and Had some temporarily relief from antibiotics but it would always recur. Finally hooked up with Mercy in charlotte, NC. With her constant guidance finally am able to be symptom free. She recommended herbal treatments with supplements and dietary guidance. This combo did the trick,, I’m so grateful to be healthy again!

Mr. Jeff Hofmann

I was diagnosed with stage 3 Chronic Kidney disease(CKD) almost one year ago after a blood test with negative results. My primary care physician referred me to a nephrologist and a dietitian after noticing some changes in my blood test. I am grateful he suggested that I meet with Mercy, a local dietitian to halt the CKD progression and improve my diet. Mercy evaluated my blood tests and suggested specific changes to my diet. My follow up labs have been so impressive with moderate improvemtents. Will recommend your service to others.

Mr.Stevin Mallory Experts in all  cultural Foods. Nutritionist for Heart disease, Kidney disease, ESRD on dialysis , Diabetes, Crohn, PCOS, Gout, Autoimmune diseases, Cancers, High Blood Pressure, children nutrition services -Autism, ADHD, Eating Disorder ( Anorexia/Bulimia), Gastrointestinal diseases, Yeast infections, Lupus, COVID,

We are a compassionate and affirming Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists, that is open to clients of all ages, races, sizes, gender identities, religions and ethnic groups. We approach each interaction with open-mindedness and a nonjudgmental attitude. We are committed to providing the highest level of nutrition care to our clients.

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