Kidney Disease

Let YourFide Dietitian (RDN) help you prevent chronic kidney disease or declining kidney function. Receive private renal nutrition coaching with registered dietitian.
YourFide Renal Dietitians, specialize in the nutritional needs of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Dialysis. Our dietitian has demonstrated years of work experience with kidney disease patients in a dialysis clinic.
Why a Registered Dietitian- nutritionist (RDN)?
Confused on what to eat for kidney disease? Tired of google searches leaving you even more confused? Feel like you can’t eat what you really like anymore?
RDNs are nutrition and food experts who have completed multiple levels of training established by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. People with kidney disease will need to follow an eating plan.
How Does the RDN Help?
People with kidney disease often need to adjust lifestyle and diet to help live a longer and healthier life. Nutrition is a powerful tool that can preserve your kidney function, delay and even prevent a need for dialysis. people with kidney disease often also have high blood pressure and diabetes, so making these changes is good for overall health. You can stop or slow Chronic disease from advancing with informed lifestyle and diet choices
YourFide dietitian, can assist in a number of ways
  • Help prevent kidney disease.
  • Assist with management of chronic kidney disease.
  • Monitor nutritional health as it pertains to the kidneys and balance the intake of nutrients.
  • Prevent calciphylaxis and other side effects
  • Help you Qualify for Kidney Transplant or live healthier longer life on dialysis
  • Comprehensive education on kidney diet
  • Create a kidney healthy Meal Plan
  • Get help with the management of Gout or kidney stones through a personalized diet plan.
  • Suggest foods, snacks, meals and recipes, including healthier replacements, when possible
  • Educate and review your kidney labs and progress.
  • And more.
In the last decade, medical schools have started to support the concept of “food as medicine.” Ask your nephrologist and healthcare providers to fax or email a referral to our office.

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We are a compassionate and affirming Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists, that is open to clients of all ages, races, sizes, gender identities, religions and ethnic groups. We approach each interaction with open-mindedness and a nonjudgmental attitude. We are committed to providing the highest level of nutrition care to our clients.

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