Pediatric Nutrition

Who Can Our Pediatric Dietitian-nutritionist Help?
YourFide Dietitian can help parents,  toddlers, and teens establish a better understanding of food. We can  create a comprehensive nutritional care for you and your family. YourFide Dietitians are trained to provide proper nutrition for children with a wide variety of diagnoses. Examples include Trisomy 21, failure to thrive, malnutrition, cardiac defects, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, Autism,  trauma, chronic respiratory issues, pre-diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, obesity, viral infections, respiratory illness, asthma, and more
Special Needs Program:
Our Autism & ADHD Nutrition program is a unique, holistic and comprehensive approach to nutrition care for special needs children. Rather than feeling helpless and overwhelmed, you can feel empowered and get clarity on how to help your child using nutrition. We help parents uncover the happier child that is buried under their symptoms.
Our  Certified Dietitian, will explain not only what diet and nutrition interventions help children with autism and ADHD or other disabilities, but why and most importantly how you can do this for your child.  We have the experience and the nutritional expertise you need. We can work with families to provide realistic meal plans to boost immunity and prevent chronic conditions.
A pediatric dietitian assesses growth, nutritional requirements and  food intake based on a child’s age, nutritional requirements, treatment, and medical condition. They can provide individually tailored dietary advice. 

Some common reasons families come to see a dietitian include: 

  • Infant nutrition
  • Introducing new foods to an infant
  • Decreasing an infant’s risk of food allergies
  • Food Allergies Management
  • Healthy eating habits for toddlers
  • “Picky eaters” and meeting a child’s nutrient needs
Registered dietitian nutritionists (RDs) can help with picky eaters by helping them resolve negative feelings about eating. RDs work with children and family members to ensure proper feeding dynamics.

Let Insurance Pay for your Nutrition Counseling Services, Book appointment for Virtual Telehealth or In-Person Services. YourFide Dietitian is In-Network with all major Health Insurance Plans. Book Appointment to learn how you can pay $0 out of pocket.

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Pediatric Nutrition Treatment -Autism, ADHD Dietitian- Nutritionist Healing Experts

Services offer

  • Effective coping Strategies
  • Meal Plans
  • Supplements
  • Counseling & Education
  • Food Sensitivity GI Laboratory Test Experts in all  cultural Foods. Nutritionist for Heart disease, Kidney disease, ESRD on dialysis , Diabetes, Crohn, PCOS, Gout, Autoimmune diseases, Cancers, High Blood Pressure, children nutrition services -Autism, ADHD, Eating Disorder ( Anorexia/Bulimia), Gastrointestinal diseases, Yeast infections, Lupus, COVID,

We are a compassionate and affirming Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists, that is open to clients of all ages, races, sizes, gender identities, religions and ethnic groups. We approach each interaction with open-mindedness and a nonjudgmental attitude. We are committed to providing the highest level of nutrition care to our clients.

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