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March 3, 2024 by Clinical Manager0

March is National Nutrition Month!!! YourFide Dietitian and Healing Favor Nutrition, is delighted to see Mercy Aremu,RDN published in Today’s Dietitian  Magazine “ Top 10 Dietitian making a positive Difference”  

By Elizabeth S. Goar
Today’s Dietitian
Vol. 26 No. 3 P. 20

Today’s Dietitian’s 15th Annual Showcase of 10 RDs Who Are Making a Difference.

Many of this year’s honorees came to dietetics after first careers in everything from fine dining and fashion design to modeling and consulting on Wall Street. Others parlayed their training and creative talents in videography and fashion styling into careers such as social media influencer, holistic wellness practitioner, and supplement formulator. Even those in more traditional roles in hospitals, health systems, and private practice have added their own unique flair to amplify the profession’s impact on patients and communities.

Regardless of how they apply their skills, talents, and training, this year’s winners all share a common interest in advancing the dietetics profession, providing culturally appropriate and sustainable nutrition, and addressing social issues such as food insecurity and bias.

As is always the case, selecting 10 RDs from the hundreds you nominated to be part of this year’s TD10 was a daunting prospect and truly showcased the profession we are proud to recognize during National Nutrition Month® and on Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day.

We’re confident you’ll be as impressed by this year’s TD10 as we were and that you’ll find in their stories the inspiration to make your own mark on the nutrition profession in the years to come.

Food can be medicine for those affected by a wide range of chronic illnesses. Yet for millions of Americans, preventative nutrition and nutrition counseling is out of reach. Mercy Aremu saw the detrimental impacts of this gap firsthand while working as a renal dialysis dietitian…..

She had patients in their 30s whose kidney failure might have been prevented had they received the right nutrition guidance when diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure in their 20s. She also personally experienced the benefits of food as medicine when a doctor sent her to a health food store instead of a pharmacy to heal her own chronic condition.

She founded Healing Favor Nutrition to bridge the gap for the “millions of Americans affected by diet-related chronic diseases. They simply need more access to preventative nutrition services,” she says.

Healing Favor Nutrition is a nonprofit providing free or low-cost nutrition education treatment services to low-income families and other underserved and underrepresented populations. Through community presentations, group and individual education, and other activities, it promotes nutrition to prevent major causes of disease and reduce health disparities.

At the beginning, Aremu personally funded the organization. Currently, it runs with volunteer support, sponsorships from community organizations and grants from Google. Aremu also runs YourFide Dietitian, offering culturally based disease management services covered by insurance.

“I want everyone to have that same hope the doctor gave me when he decided not to prescribe medication,” she says. By basing recommendations on an “understanding of their cultural food and cultural background, I can provide recommendations that are relevant and sustainable.”


Today’s Dietitian is the leading independent source for news, information, research, and industry trends among the nation’s influential community of nutrition professionals. Today’s Dietitian provides registered dietitians, diabetes care and education specialists, foodservice managers, and culinary professionals with well-written content on essential topics that affect their clients, their profession, and their career development. Today’s Dietitian is also a leading producer of accredited continuing education opportunities for these practitioners.




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